Communication and public relations for the legal, financial and corporate world

To strengthen the reputation of organisations and professionals, making their name, value and skills known: this is our job.

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Our range is vertical in terms of specialisation in the legal and financial sectors, as well as corporate communication for companies, but it is also “full service” given the breadth and complexity of the services offered. This is why we are able to support our clients in all strategic choices, working alongside them in even the most operational communication activities.

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Branding & Brand Strategies0%

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Litigation PR & Crisis Communication0%

\ Skills


We have significant experience in legal and tax communication for both large and smaller firms.


Financial communication becomes strategic. Media relations and digital strategy for the Finance Sector.


Institutional communication for companies and associations. From media relations to digital management.

Litigation & Crisis PR \

Proper management of information is fundamental in all cases with judicial implications that lend themselves to being evaluated by public opinion.

Litigation PR are specialised PR activities capable of influencing the outcome of a legal dispute and the way the media represent it over time.

Our expertise allows us to intervene in the field of judicial news, financial scandals, environmental or ethical issues, safeguarding the reputation of entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, BoDs or individual directors.