We handle financial communication, especially in the areas of M&A, Fintech, Restructuring, NPL, Energy and Wealth Management.

We monitor the reference markets, identify the most suitable audiences and scenarios within which to convey the communication, planning a strategy that promotes the subjects involved by supporting their objectives while also strengthening relationships with stakeholders and investors.

Our consultancy is mainly focused within these areas:

  • Financial startups
  • Fintech & Crypto
  • M&A
  • NPL
  • Private banking
  • Wealth Management

Media Relations \

We work to boost every decision and increase the value of investments and transactions, bringing them to the attention of public opinion in the most appropriate way and making sure that every aspect of managing relationships with stakeholders is supported by communication that is strategically oriented towards achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Branding \

We design our clients’ brand identities, allowing them to communicate better through a coherent and convincing image.

After identifying and developing a branding strategy in line with the corporate identity, we create the institutional communication materials: corporate identity (logo, forms, writing paper, envelopes, etc.), brochures and websites.

Content Strategy e Digital \

We handle every aspect of our clients’ web presence, social media management & strategy, website and blog development, SEO, SEA, newsletters.

We manage the presence of law firms on social networks, especially LinkedIn, by drawing up editorial plans, creating content and managing company pages.
We provide diversified content based on client needs: texts, images, videos, presentations and infographics.
We interface with specialised IT professionals to create websites and launch web advertising campaigns.

Through all these tools we are able to give rise to innovative projects that are truly effective in creating interest from the target audience, generating word of mouth and involving influencers from the sectors of interest.

Crisis Communication \

Every organisation must be able to prevent and manage a crisis, as well as any news that could potentially damage its reputation.

A timely counter communication that responds to the questions of public opinion is essential for stemming and resolving the crisis, defending the reputation and image of the company and/or the people involved. Financial, legal or personal scandals can negatively affect the value of companies, and because of this it is important to always plan for the presence of a team of specialists capable of dealing with the onset of a crisis immediately and competently.

Litigation PR \

Proper management of information is fundamental in all cases with judicial implications that lend themselves to being evaluated by public opinion.

Litigation PR are specialised communication activities capable of influencing the outcome of a legal dispute and the way the media represent it over time.

Our expertise allows us to intervene in the field of judicial news, financial scandals, environmental or ethical issues, safeguarding the reputation of entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, BoDs or individual directors.