We have significant experience and are specialised in communication for professional firms.

Since 2009 we have been working as consultants for both large, small and medium-sized Law and Tax Firms.
Our expertise allows us to assist clients with all strategic choices, as well as the management of operational activities with a dedicated and specific “full service” for professional firms.

Our consultancy is mainly focused within these areas:

  • Launch of new professional brands on the market
  • Law firms merges communications
  • Generational change in associated firms
  • Litigation PR
  • Strengthening the visibility of practice areas of the Firm
  • Establishing international brands in Italy
  • Support for the positioning of Italian and international brands
  • Directories and Submissions strategy

Media Relations & Press Office \

Media relations are an essential tool for professional firms that want to make their brand known and increase their reputation through their presence in the press.
Our job is to help law and tax firms choose the best way to communicate their expertise to the national, local and trade media, as well as to the legal and economic-financial community.
Indeed, if well planned and implemented, relations with the media are an indispensable tool for promoting the excellence of the firm and obtaining the desired positioning within the legal and professional services market.
Our consolidated relationships with journalists and editorial staff and our in-depth knowledge of this sector allow us to discuss and raise awareness of court rulings, professional skills, extraordinary transactions and everything regarding firms and professionals, through the national, local and specialised press.
All this helps the positioning of the legal brand on the market, strengthening its reputation and visibility.

Branding \

We design our clients’ brand identities, allowing them to communicate better through a coherent and convincing image.

After identifying and developing a branding strategy in line with the corporate identity, we create the institutional communication materials: corporate identity (logo, forms, writing paper, envelopes, etc.), brochures and websites.

Awards & Directories \

We help our clients to join the directories of the legal world to the best of their ability, taking care of every aspect of the application.
We support our clients’ involvement in national and international directories, including TopLegal Awards, LegalCommunity Awards, The Legal500, Chambers & Partners, Acuris/Mergermarket, Who’s Who.

We carefully select the firm’s practices to be highlighted and communicate them to the competition organising bodies in the most effective way possible.

Events \

We design and organise events for professional firms such as conferences, workshops, round tables, luncheons, roadshows, etc.
We oversee all aspects, from planning to setting timeframes, from the choice of location and catering to the creation of invitations, from the choice of institutional and media event partners to the follow-up and measuring of results.

We also create all the materials to support the event, such as the press kit, brochure or other.

Content Strategy e Digital \

We handle every aspect of our clients’ web presence, social media management & strategy, website and blog development, SEO, SEA, newsletters.

We manage the presence of law firms on social networks, especially LinkedIn, by drawing up editorial plans, creating content and managing company pages.
We provide diversified content based on client needs: texts, images, videos, presentations and infographics.
We interface with specialised IT professionals to create websites and launch web advertising campaigns.

Through all these tools we are able to give rise to innovative projects that are truly effective in creating interest from the target audience, generating word of mouth and involving influencers from the sectors of interest.

Crisis Communication \

Law firms may need to manage a crisis from two perspectives. From the corporate perspective, when bad news occurs that can damage the firm itself or one of its professionals, but also from the perspective of its clients, as it is often lawyers who act as spokespersons for the management or company in crisis situations.

We are able to work side by side with both to better address relations with the media, public opinion and the management of relations with the public involved.

A timely counter-communication that responds to the questions of public opinion in the most effective way is fundamental for stemming and resolving the crisis, and thus protecting the reputation and image of the subjects involved.

Litigation PR \

We are specialists in the so-called field of “Litigation PR”, i.e. the PR activities that become necessary in the course of legal proceedings or disputes.

Proper management of information is essential in all cases that lend themselves to being evaluated by public opinion and where it is necessary to govern relations with the media to support a given version of the facts.

Litigation PR significantly affects the reputation of a person or company undergoing legal proceedings and can also influence the outcome of the issue or how the media represent it over time. Litigation PR is also a fundamental tool in commercial and corporate disputes, as well as in class actions.

Our expertise allows us to manage relations with the media, even in extremely delicate matters of judicial news when public institutions are involved.